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Top 10 Issues facing todays American teens

Todays American youth face challenges, obstacles and pressures unlike those teens of any other era.  Among those, a list of TOP 10 ISSUES FACING OUR YOUTH TODAY, as published by Top Tenz is as follows:

  1. Erosion of National Pride/Identity
  2. Poverty
  3. Shifting economy/Employment
  4. Education disparity
  5. Obesity
  6. Materialism
  7. Violence in schools
  8. Growing up too fast
  9. Drug/Alcohol abuse
  10. Single parent homes

Can you imagine being a teen once again? Those “wonder years”, where growing into life is supposed to be exciting and joyful, filled with a new dimension of emotions, yet inexperienced, developing new friendships, some of which will last a lifetime and exploring the answers to deep questions of thought about the future. Wouldn’t that be just great, with all its inherent “growth pains” to live in such a world?

However, today’s youth face a nation at unrest, where pride in country and what we stand for seems almost taboo, but at least “uncool”; especially since the “establishment” can’t seem to figure out a way to harmoniously address and solve the problems of the country. Poverty, obesity and drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent. Pornography and explicit sex fill all mainstream media and are accessible with a click on the web. All the ills of society are at the forefront of the minds and thoughts of our teens today.

The world is fast paced and with Facebook conducting “secret experiments” on users, which number in the hundreds of millions of users, nothing seems to be private anymore; and in fact, today’s teens take “selfies”, post and tweet virtually everything going on in their lives.  A picture speaks a thousand words and thousands of pictures speak; … well you get the picture.

Violence in schools has replaced the safe haven of learning our schools were intended to be. Illegal drugs and alcohol taint the minds and numb the pain of a confused world, almost entirely void of honorable role models.

How can we, as concerned parents, citizens and Bold Americans help?
First we need to be aware. Next, we need to take time, that most valuable commodity, to communicate, to be close to our children and to be a help to those teens within the circle of our influence. Teens today are looking for someone to show the way; whether they admit it or not. An adult who takes a stand for the right, the moral, the true and the fair, will influence for good, the lives of many.

Take a look at this video. It’s well worth every second of the 9:26 minutes it takes to remind us all of the stresses, pressures and challenges facing our youth today. Let’s all remember: Truly, today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. They’re worth the investment of our time, our serious thoughts and our efforts to help them stay on track for a good life, unchained from the ills and malady the world so readily offers.

What to you think are the top 5 most important issues facing Americans today? (vote for 5 ONLY please)
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