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Protect our homeland: Revoke the passports and citizenship of Americans who join ISIS

“For terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons.” -9/11 Commission.


All over the country, Americans are hearing about ISIS in the media.  We want to know: Who are they? Where did they come from? Are they a threat to us here in the homeland?  If so, what can we do about it?

The U.S. Department says that there may be over 100 American citizens that have joined ISIS.  Other reports put the number over 1,000.  They bear U.S. passports; they can come into this country freely, and they can bring ISIS jihad with them.

The Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS has been actively recruiting American citizens, who have U.S. passports to join their ranks in their evil and bloody march toward world domination.  That is their stated goal.

Americans and the world at large are living in treacherous times.  This is a dangerous age of blatant hatred and violence.  There is no time to ignore the problems that confront us and no time to be complacent.  Radical Islam is no longer a “foreign threat only”.  U.S. citizens are being recruited by ISIS and can use their U.S. passports to re-enter America, and attach us from within, unless we do something to stop it.

There can be no doubt; Americans are at risk.  We and our families are at risk.  American citizen ISIS recruits are traveling to the Middle East for training by ISIS terrorists and are fighting alongside the jihadist army, raping, torturing and beheading women, children and men who oppose them.  We must protect America, our families and children!


The Obama Admistration has grossly underestimated ISIS, (by the President’s own admission).  We must now send a crystal clear message to the White House: Protect America.  Defend Israel.  Save Christians from genocide.

According to the Israel National News an ISIS fighter promises to put the U.S., Israel and the UK under Islamic rule.  The fighter stated: “I say to the United States that your time will come, and we will bleed you to death and, Inshallah [with the help of God], shall raise a flag in the White House.”

So, should Americas be concerned?  We at Bold Americans say, “most definitely”!  Is ISIS merely a fringe terrorist group that will burn brightly for a period of time and then another more prevalent radical group will emerge?  Or, is ISIS setting the stage for the final and long-awaited holy jihad, under the directive of their supreme religious and political leader known as a caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?  Does al-Baghadadi have his sights on America?

In 2009, Abu Bakr ad-Baghdadi was released from Camp Bucca, a United States detention center in Iraq.  Army Colonel Kenneth King, commanding officer at Camp Bucca, remembers al-Baghdadi’s parting words to his captors: “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

Charles Lister, a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Doha Center, warned of ISIS, “whatever judgements are made in terms of its legitimacy, (the) announcement that it has restored the Caliphate is likely the most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11.”

Will jihad occur on U.S. soil?  Bold Americans will do their part to see that it does not and that we are protected against those from abroad or those at home who choose to be the enemy of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

We invite you to join us by taking action!


ACTION: Urge Congress to act to pass legislation stripping ISIS-aligned Americans of their U.S. passports and their citizenship.  Connect with ACLJ and sign the “Petition to Protect the Homeland from Terrorists-Traitors”.

ACTION: Buy and read the book “Rise of Isis”, a threat we can’t ignore, by Jay Sekulow.

Jay Sekulow, one of America’s most influential attorneys, closely examines the rise of the terrorist groups ISIS and Hamas, explains their objectives and capabilities and how, if left undefeated, their existence could unleash a genocide of historic proportions.

Recently, the world has been shaken by gruesome photos and videos that have introduced us to the now infamous terrorist group known as ISIS. The world’s wealthiest and most powerful jihadists, ISIS originated within Al Qaeda with the goal of creating an Islamic state across Iraq and Syria and unrelenting jihad on Christians. Separate from ISIS, the terrorist group Hamas has waged an equally brutal war against Israel. Both groups, if left undefeated, have the potential to unleash a catastrophic genocide.

Rise of ISIS gives a better understanding of the modern face of terror, and provides an overview of the laws of war and war crimes. These laws differentiate between the guilty and innocent, and explain why the US military and the Israeli Defense Forces are often limited in their defensive measures.

The authors’ firsthand experience, including multiple appearances before the Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court at The Hague, along with direct contact battling jihadists during operation Iraqi Freedom lends insight into this important geopolitical issue.

A must-have for anyone who wants to better understand the conflict that exists in the middle east, this well-researched and fully annotated volume is invaluable in revealing how this new brand of terrorism poses a very real threat to Americans and the world at large. It also serves as a guide to what we as individuals—and as a nation—can do to stop this escalating violence, prevent jihad, and protect Israel and America from this imminent threat.

Includes an exclusive track from the Jay Sekulow Band, “Where I Stand,” a moving tribute to the persecuted Christians in Iraq.

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