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Have you ever taken a trip across the country and gotten off track from your destination? It’s easy to do if you’re not paying attention to the directions.  Back in the day, (before GPS), we relied upon maps to chart the course of direction from one place to another.  At the beginning of a cross-country trip we determined, with considerable forethought, what would be the best course to take, based upon where we wanted to go.  We consulted with a loved one or friend, who may have been going on the journey with us and we agreed on the best route to take and we set out on that course.  Then, perhaps when we were enjoying the landscape and not paying attention to the road signs, or even after having taken a rest stop and then started back on our journey; somehow we got turned around, or we missed a turn, or we missed a road sign telling us of a detour.  We got off track.

In another scenario, someone, or some-one’s who were up to mischief or malicious intent, actually changed the road signs, with the plan of pointing us in the wrong direction.  Even though the reason may have varied, the result is still the same; we are lost.  We have lost our point of reference and our direction.  We are indeed, lost and off the right course.

Have we as Americans, lost our way?  Have we lost our map, or, if you prefer, in modern terms, our GPS?  Did we get off track because we were ignoring the direction while we were “enjoying the scenery”, or did someone with ill intent, divert our attention and get us off course by changing the markers that pointed the correct way?

What has happened to America?  Is our head, once held high with dignity and honor, now being subjected to a noose that will tighten, until our country’s life has been choked away?  Are we feeling the dagger of deception, lies and dishonor to our providential roots being thrust into our weakened heart?  Are we being starved from truth that once graced our table as a just reward for honest labors?  Are we reliant upon an ever overshadowing government even for a drink of clean water, when water is free and falls from the heavens for all to enjoy?  Has the symbol of our commerce that affords us the opportunity to enjoy the provision of abundance been stolen from us while we slept, or intentionally diminished in value beyond our practical use?  Have we forgotten what our Founding Fathers taught us?  Are we ignoring that which we have, in years past, proudly stood at attention, with our hand on our heart proclaimed; “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God*, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

What happened?  Did we lose our compass?  Did we get off track?  Is our GPS broken?  Have we been deceived by those who wish for us to go where they want instead of arriving at our planed and designed destiny?

Q. If we agree that we’re off track, then what can be done?

A. Turn back to the beginning and the original “compass and map” that has, throughout the history of our country, served us well.  The best course didn’t change.  We did!

Let’s check our loyalty and get back on track!


Editors Note:
 *Italics added for emphasis

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  1. This is a very thought provoking article. We need to get back to our roots and follow the path that our Founding Fathers established. Thanks for publishing this site. Looking forward to more articles.

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